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Our company is based in El Ejido, in the middle of western Almería surrounded by the so called “plastic sea”. Thanks to this privileged situation, Tecnoponiente breeds from the direct contact with the area ahead of the intensive agriculture.

Tailor made projects

Thanks to our engineer department and to the fact of being manufacturers of the different pieces that conform the greenhouse structure, we can adapt to the client and the terrain needs, being able to design, manufacture and construct greenhouses in not square lands, not leveled terrains, outside corridors joining different greenhouses, or build the new greenhouse next to an existing multitunnel or “raspa y amagado” greenhouse, etc.
Tecnoponiente manufactures and constructs multitunnel greenhouses with turnkey projects that include structure, closings, climate control system, shade/thermic screens, heating system, irrigation, fog system, etc. as well as flat (“raspa y amagado”) greenhouses and net houses.

Tecnoponiente belongs to a group of companies that started in the early seventies as greenhouses started to be constructed in Almería. This assures the trust of our clients in an experienced business group able to solve and adapt to each client needs.

Facade Facade
These are the reasons for our company’s success:
  • Quality: Hi-tech machinery used in the manufacture and quality controls guarantee a perfect finish in every piece used in the greenhouse structure and our professional and well experienced man labor assure the correct installation.
  • Price: Due to our own manufacture of the different greenhouse elements, we can offer competitive prices.
  • Service: Our highly qualified team offers the farmers full attention analyzing each project’s features.
Tecnoponiente has achieved the UNE EN ISO 9001 NORMATIVE certification and is in process to achieve the certification for the greenhouse normative UNE EN 130031-1.